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This site is not the official website for the Los Angeles band Upsilon Acrux.  It is a retail site maintained by Meszler Production and Management (MPM) in cooperation with the 2007-2010 lineup of Upsilon Acrux to market the release of that lineup's album Upsilon Live.  If you are looking to purchase that album or related merchandise, then you are in the right place.  Of course, MPM can (and will) pass information along to the current or former members of Upsilon via the contact info on this site, but you can also deal directly with the current band through the following link:

Upsilon's Facebook Page

All things must pass.  Although the 2007-2010 lineup of Upsilon is no more, I hope that you will find this release a suitable tribute to their run.

Feel free to send MPM any comments or suggestions you may have related to this site or Upsilon Live (including reviews or associated URLs -- good or bad, we'll take 'em as long as the reviewer listened without preconception).  You can find anything of interest we've been sent or stumbled upon on the reviews page

It is clear that digital media has become the dominant mode of music interchange.  Even if one can get by with limited resolution mp3s, there remains something to be said for actually being able to possess a physical product.  To make it easier to opt for the physical, we have repriced the releases available on this site to make them cost competitive with digital downloads even when shipping costs are considered.  If the physical product is entirely unimportant, you still get higher resolution for the price of a download.

Turn the damn volume up, enjoy, and take care ...

Dan Meszler
Meszler Production and Management

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Upsilon Live Merchandise

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UA Live Disk Face Image Upsilon Live Recording (CD or DVD)

Recorded Live at The Smell
Los Angeles, California on October 29, 2009

Available in CD (audio only) and DVD (wide screen video) format

Track List:
1. In-A-Gadda-DeVito (6:08)
2. Landscape With Gun and Chandelier (4:02)
3. Expiration Date (Alaska, My Darkness) (6:22)
4. Caspar Brötzmann of Brohawks (6:51)
5. Ballet Instructor/Dracula (2:19)
6. Night of the Goblin (3:42)
7. 45 Seconds/Farbenklang (5:03)
8. Bicycle Race (4:20)
9. Transparent Seas (The Long Song) (29:44)

Total Time: 1:08:31

CD ($6)

DVD ($9)
Quantities can be set
in the shopping cart
prior to checkout

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Radian Futura Cover Image Radian Futura Studio Album (CD)

© 2009 Cuneiform Records (Rune 284)
Cover art by Rob Sato

Track List:
1. In-A-Gadda-DeVito (5:07)
2. Prelude to Foreshadow'n (6:11)
3. Landscape With Gun and Chandelier (3:29)
4. Keeping Rice Evil (2:38)
5. Transparent Seas (Radio Edit) (28:21)
6. The Infinitesimal Fractions of Ping & Pong (1:17)

Total Time: 47:03

CD ($6)
Quantities can be set
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Smell Poster Image Commemorative Poster

Produced for the 10/29/09 show memorialized on
the Upsilon Live recording.  Poster is 12 inches
by 18 inches and is printed on 100# premium
gloss text paper.

Smell Bigger Poster Image

Poster ($2)
Quantities can be set
in the shopping cart
prior to checkout

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UA09 Laminate Front Image UA09 Laminate Back Image Commemorative Laminate

Produced for the 2009 Upsilon U.S. and EU tours.
Laminate is 3 inches by 5 inches and is of premium
quality double-sided, edge-to-edge, rounded corner
design coated with heavy duty 10 mil laminate.
Includes black lanyard (with swivel hook).

Laminate Bigger Front Image Laminate Bigger Back Image

Laminate ($2)
Quantities can be set
in the shopping cart
prior to checkout

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